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About The Dance Corner Elite Competition Teams

What Is Our Elite Competition Team?

Our competition team is a large team of dancers who audition for a chance to compete against their peers from other schools. We select them for their skill, dedication and team oriented attitudes. Each dancer will perform at least one dance in a group of dancers with similar ages and skills. Most will compete in several different numbers. Many will perform in more than one type of dance. The privilege of dancing as soloists, duets and trios is reserved for our dancers who by virtue of their skills, dedication to mastery and contributions to our team are chosen to represent our school and showcase their talents.

The entire team will be entered in several competitions toward the end of the year. The competitions usually start Friday night. On Saturdays and Sundays, they generally start early in the morning and end late in the evening. Most are relatively local, but we may perform in venues where it may be convenient to find local accommodations.

Is the Elite Competition Team Right for Us?

The first thing to understand about joining our team is that it is not only a serious commitment by your dancer, but it is a family and financial commitment as well. Our schedules are not flexible. The venues are selected early. The performance times are set by the competition directors. Parents will be taking on responsibilities on behalf of their team members.

Dancers who audition for this program and who are accepted can expect experiences that will prepare them well for the rest of their lives, whether that happens to be in the performing arts or not. We stress a commitment to the team on the part of all of our dancers and their families. Our dancers will have elected to make sacrifices for their teammates. They must be committed to perform as a team, train to reach their individual potential and respect all of their peers, team families, teachers, judges and even the performers that they will meet from other teams at competitions.

We expect your children to prepare for their futures by learning how to dedicate themselves to improving their skills. We insist that they work together as teammates. They will learn the thrill of performing in public before judges. Being dedicated to self-improvement as well as becoming a team player is a balance that will serve them, as adults, whether they move onto a corporate world, the arts, or any other careers.

Does your dancer excel at dance? Is she/he respectful of others? Dedicated to hard work? Can you commit to making sure to arrive on time and prepared? This is what we expect. If it fits you, we will welcome you into the world of dance competition.

Is The Team Wrong For You?

If you are only interested in solos or duets, we are not your choice. If something always goes wrong causing you to be late, it won't be acceptable. If your child has too many competing activities, we recommend that you reconsider.