West Windsor Plainsboro Dance Company

335 Princeton-Hightstown Road

West Windsor, NJ 08550

Phone: 1-609-799-9677

E-Mail: dance@TheDanceCorner.org

Southfield Shopping Center

Just to the left of

McCafferey's Supermarket


Performers Are Selected By Audition Only

Performers for WWPDC productions are selected by audition only. The directors select performers based on a number of criteria. There are some obvious requirements including talent level in the particular form of dance, experience, and attitude. There are a number of less obvious selection criteria as well. For larger numbers, the directors consider the choreographic requirements and limitations as well as costume availability and sizing and even the time needed to change costumes between successive dance numbers.

Parents must review our production guidelines prior to auditioning. Our productions are not recitals. Understand that in some cases your children will not be selected for a particular role or type of dance. You should prepare your children for the likelihood that they may not be accepted for particular roles that they desire. You should also explain the dancer's obligation under our guidelines. This is part of his or her learning experience.

We respectfully remind our parents and dancers that casting is solely the discretion of the directors. Their performance in the show is dependent upon following our guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the directors Roni Wilityer or Amy DeCesare at: 799-9677.

Audition Flyer / Notice