West Windsor Plainsboro Dance Company

335 Princeton-Hightstown Road

West Windsor, NJ 08550

Phone: 1-609-799-9677

E-Mail: dance@TheDanceCorner.org

Southfield Shopping Center

Just to the left of

McCafferey's Supermarket

Order Forms For Performances


Please fill out a ticket order form as soon as possible and bring in with cash or check payable to WWPDC. Tickets may not be available at the time of the performance, but if they are, the price will be slightly higher.

Tee Shirts

Our commemorative production tee shirts are a big hit with the children. The names of each performer are listed on the back. They are available in child and adult sizes. These must be ordered before the performance. See the deadline on the tee shirt order form for details.


We have a professional videographer record both shows. Both shows are included when placing a dvd order. These can be ordered up to one week after the show. Ordering early avoids forgetting until it is too late.

Booster And Advertising

Get your message out. Whether it is congratulations or best wishes to a performer, or just to announce your business's support for our production, you need to fill out an order.