West Windsor Plainsboro Dance Company

335 Princeton-Hightstown Road

West Windsor, NJ 08550

Phone: 1-609-799-9677

E-Mail: dance@TheDanceCorner.org

Southfield Shopping Center

Just to the left of

McCafferey's Supermarket

Production Guidelines And Rules For Participants

Participation Fees

We charge a participation fee of $75 for each production dance number. These fees are used to offset the costs of the company. The costs include rental of the theater, rental of storage for sets and costumes, custodial cleanup, costume cleaning, new costumes, and other production related costs.


The costumes are the property of WWPDC. We do not charge a fee for the use of our costumes. However, each number has a requirement for a particular type of shoe and some times accessories. The cost of the shoes or accessories are the responsibility of the participants.

Communications With The Directors

Parents who need to talk to the directors should call the studio or email the directors to arrange a suitable time to discuss any questions. Our rehearsal days are long and tightly scheduled. The directors ordinarily do not have time before, during, or after the rehearsals to discuss questions or problems.

Directors Discretion

The directors reserve the right to dismiss or recast any dancer due to absences, conduct, or failure to perform up to WWPDC standards.

Double Casting

We usually perform each production twice. In some cases, we might cast different dancers for the same role or dance. This is called double casting. Unless a dancer has been double cast, that dancer will perform in both productions.

Previous Experience

Children may be cast in numbers that they have performed in previously.

Rehearsal Rules

No more than two absences are allowed. When possible, parents should notify the directors in advance by email or written note delivered to the studio, if their child must miss a rehearsal.

Dancers must arrive 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time and be properly prepared. They must be dressed appropriately with hair neatly pulled back in a ballerina bun or a ponytail, depending on the dance number. They must be wearing the required dance shoes.

Dancers must be courteous to all other dancers, directors and any parents who may be volunteering to help with the production.

Dress Rehearsal Rules

A dress rehearal is a final rehearsal, performed at the theater, in costume, before the performance.

Dress rehearsal locations and times will be found on the announcement page. Ordinarily the dress rehearsal is scheduled for the morning into the early afternoon of the first performance.

No food is permitted in the theater.

We do not have dressing room help, or quick-change help at the dress rehearsal. Performers will be in the audience area in the costume for their next number.

If you wish to take pictures of your dancers in costume, this is the only time to do so. Photography and video is not permitted during performances, but is acceptable in dress rehearsals.

Costumes will be left at the theater. They are not to be worn or taken home.

Performance Rules

Photography and video record is prohibited. The WWPDC arranges for professional audio-video recording of the performance. You can order DVDs in advance or up to one week after the show. No spare copies are produced.

Unlike the dress rehearsal, dancers are not permitted to be in costume anywhere except the dressing rooms and the stage. They are not permitted to be in costume in the audience. Costumes will be left at the theater. They are not to be worn or taken home.

For the safety of the dancers, all dancers must remain in the changing rooms after changing out of their costumes. The parent in charge of the room will let them know when it they are allowed to leave.

Parents must wait in the lobby area after the performance. When all of the performers have safely returned to their dressing rooms, the stage crew will allow one female family member to pick up her dancer. If there is no female available to pick up a performer, please advise the stage crew who will arrange to have someone deliver the dancer to you. This is for the safety of the children and to prevent damage or loss of costumes.