TDC Elite Team Auditions: 4/25/21
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The Dance Corner Covid-19 Information


The Dance Corner has changed its procedures in response to this pandemic. We will be limiting in-class attendance as required. We will be cleaning barres and commonly contacted surfaces more frequently. We will have hand sanitizer available for the use of our employees and customers. Parents will not be allowed in the studio at this time. Employees will stay home if their temperatures exceed 100.4. We will take their temperatures when they arrive. If they have tested positive for Covid-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has in the previous 14 days, they will stay home. Teachers will wear masks while teaching.

Customers - Before you leave for the studio

We expect our customers to practice public health safety guidelines. Do not bring in any children with fevers. If anyone in the family has been infected, stay home for two weeks. Your dancers should bring a bag for any change of clothing and a water bottle.

Customers - Arriving at the studio

We will be taking the temperatures of students before entry into the studio. They must wear a mask on entry. If there is a line waiting to enter, maintain 6 feet separation. Only students taking a class will be permitted to stay in the studio. Parents, siblings and caretakers will not be allowed to enter.

Students - in the studio

While the students are in the studio, they should try to remain separated from others by 6 feet. All students age 2 and up must wear masks while dancing in the studio.

Customers - Picking up students

Parents picking up students must arrive on time and will remain outside at all times. Please adhere to the separation guidelines, but be visible to your young children so that they can see you before exiting the studio.

Exception to the no parents in the studio rule

Our 45-minute classes are for younger students. If a student is likely to be uncomfortable without a parent present, please let us know in advance. We probably will be able to make an exception in these circumstances. Remember that we will be operating under less than normal occupancy limits.

We are all in this together

This has been a financially difficult time for everyone. We are doing everything we can think of to create a supportive and safe environment for our dance community. Please understand that everyone is not like you. We all have unique situations. Respect everyone. Stay healthy and safe.

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