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Pincus, Rikki

Rikki Pincus

TDC Teacher since 2018
Pincus, Rikki

Miss Rikki has been dancing since the age of three, but she truly discovered her passion for dance when she joined The Dance Corner family (as a student) in 2008. She is currently completing her undergraduate degree at Rutgers University and would like to become a corporate attorney. Miss Rikki has been a member of the dance team, prom queen, and class president in high school and continues to receive honors in academic accomplishments throughout her higher education. Miss Rikki brings a wealth of experience working with children. She has had the pleasure of being a private caretaker for individuals with special needs, as well as a camp counselor and a swim instructor. She volunteers in New York City, constantly focusing her efforts for the betterment of the community. She prides herself on mentoring people struggling with forms of IBD and finding any way to give back to the community. In addition to teaching skills, Miss Rikki teaches her dancers that it is never our downfalls that define us; it's the way you come back from them. Miss Rikki love animals and nature. She is always interested in creating something new; a new dance, a new recipe to bake, a new poem to write. She strongly believes that music and dance are some of the most beautiful ways to tell a story. Miss Rikki and her boyfriend enjoy spending lazy nights at home as they anxiously wait for the time when they are blessed with a puppy; they have plans to call him or her Ripley. Miss Rikki’s infectious energy and positivity have been a wonderful addition to the TDC family: “I love the energy and camaraderie at The Dance Corner. You may enter the studio feeling awful and sad, but you will always leave smiling and laughing. My absolute favorite thing about TDC, are the dancers. I love watching people get excited to learn and the joy they feel when they accomplish a new skill. Watching everyone at TDC grow physically, mentally, and personally is such an honor.”

Miss Rikki in Action!

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"Jazz because it is fun and you can really express yourself."
TDC Dancer since age 6
Elite Team Dancer since age 8
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