THE RESULTS ARE IN! 2023-2024 Elite Team Audition Results
Team Tap
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Team Tap

Our Team Tap members bring a sense of fun and lightness to the stage each time they perform. With strong technical skill in rhythm and musicality, our Team Tap members make difficult tap choreography look effortless. They leave the audience with a smile on their faces because of their clear connection with the music and one another.

2022-23 Team Mini/Petite Tap

Tuesday @ 4:15-5:15 p.m.
Miss Tammy
Pragya Deepak
Addison Owens
Iroha Ueda
Justin Viola
Hannah Wignall
Isaac Wignall
Rhea Yarlagadda
Rosi Zhou

2022-23 Team Senior Tap

Sunday @ 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Miss Lilah
Ellie Campbell
Maddie Delbridge
Vanessa Delbridge
Jessica Marschner
Ashley Simon
Alysa Sizintsev
Ava Sulkowski
Bottom Round Cap
Quote Marks
"I dance because I love how it allows your creativity to run free. When people think of creativity they think of drawing, painting and arts and crafts, but dance allows us to be creative with our bodies and it’s truly so special. Dance is also my favorite way to express myself and what’s going on inside my head and for that I’m so grateful."
TDC Dancer since age 3
Elite Team Dancer since age 10
WWPDC Member
The Dance Corner The Elite Team West Windsor Plainsboro Dance Company