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Requirements for Elite Team Members


Each team for which a dancer is selected has an associated class in the studio schedule. Dancers must register and attend that class through the end of the session in June. These classes will perform in the annual recital in June. Class time will consist of warm ups, conditioning, technique development, and choreography; however, it is important to note that a great deal of time is dedicated to perfecting choreography in team classes. Students are encouraged to take additional technique classes to continue to grow their skills. All Elite Team members are required to take a TDC Ballet class in addition to the team classes associated with their competition teams. (Members of Ballet Team must also register for a ballet technique class.)


Dancers are permitted three unexcused absences for each of their team classes. Students are expected to be on time for class. Team members who are injured or are not feeling well (but are not contagious) are expected to come to class to observe choreography, corrections, and changes. Excused absences do not count toward the attendance requirement. Examples of excused absences can be found in the team handbook.

Dress Code

Wearing proper dance attire, including the correct shoes, is mandatory. It ensures the dancers’ safety and helps the teachers to ensure that correct positioning and posture is learned for various techniques. Dancers must wear BLACK leotards, shorts, leggings or yoga pants; Dance Corner, Elite Team or WWPDC t-shirts or tank tops are acceptable, as well as form-fitting black tank tops or camis. Clothing that was purchased at competitions (shirts, shorts, leggings and yoga pants) may be worn to class. Team members must wear their hair pulled back off their face in either a ponytail or bun. Bangs that fall below the eyebrows must be pinned back completely. Learning how to spot turns, perform stunts, or work with a partner can only be accomplished safely and properly when vision is unobstructed. Dancers should keep extra hair elastics and bobby pins in their dance bag so they are prepared.

Costumes, Shoes, Accessories, and Makeup: Team costumes are selected by the teachers early in the year to allow time for them to be received for the first competition. Costumes may need to be altered; alterations are the responsibility of the family. Costume accessories, shoe requirements, makeup requirements, and props will also be determined by the teacher as choreography is finalized. Families will be informed of all items that need to be purchased. Items purchased by The Dance Corner will be charged to the dancer’s account.

Team Apparel

All Elite Team members are required to purchase a team jacket. Order forms will be available in the fall. Team dancers are expected to wear their team jackets at all competitions. This builds team spirit and creates a studio “identity”. This is also how many of the dancers like to exhibit the pins and awards they win at each competition. Additional team apparel is available for purchase each fall. Apparel includes t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and other assorted dancewear.

Team Contract

All Dance Corner Elite Team members are required to sign an Agreement Contract signifying their commitment to the Team and The Dance Corner for the year. The contract outlines the expectations of the team member and his/her family throughout the competition season.


The Elite Team typically attends four regional competitions, usually between February and May. Competition dates are finalized in the fall and communicated to families at that time. Competition venues are typically local, but may be within a two-hour driving distance. If a team qualifies for a national or world level final event, the team may choose to participate. These competitions are in the summer and information about national/world finals will be communicated if applicable.

Competitions usually start on a Friday night and end on Sunday night. Most dancers will not need to be at the competition for the entire weekend; however, the specific time and day for each dance routine is not usually released by the competition venue until several days before the competition. As such, families should block the entire weekend as potentially busy. When team members are not dancing, they are encouraged to come to competition to watch their teammates compete and cheer them on.


Elite Team members must complete The Dance Corner standard liability waiver and photo/video performer’s release.

Proof of Age

All competitions require valid birth certificates as proof of age. A copy of each Elite Team member’s birth certificate must be submitted to the office at the beginning of the dancer’s first season. The studio may be disqualified from a competition if a birth certificate cannot be produced.

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