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Types of Teams

Elite Team members are grouped into teams based on age, maturity, and technical skill. Teams are offered at different ages and within different styles including (but not limited to) Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, and Acro. Production Team spans multiple age groups and style can vary depending upon the choice of the teacher(s). Production team is a wonderful opportunity for our students to perform with dancers of different ages and to develop relationships with new teammates. Dancers who are selected to join the Elite Team will compete on at least one team, though most of our students compete on several.

Elite Team members may also request to be considered for a “private” – this refers to a Solo, Duet, or Trio. Private requests will be considered during the regular audition process. A student must participate on at least one team in order to have a private. Privates are awarded based upon skill, performance quality, dedication, commitment, and work ethic. Solos, duets, and trios are rehearsed with teachers outside of the studio schedule and billed on a separate fee schedule. Duets and trios split the cost of privates accordingly.

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"I love getting to see everyone grow up on and off the stage. Watching everyone dedicate their time every day to work, to perfect their skills, and learn new skills is so heartwarming. I love getting to see how each and every dancer on the team is very similar, but are also very different from one another in their own ways. All of the TDCET dancers are all so supportive of each other and never dare to let anyone down."
TDC Dancer since age 8
Elite Team Dancer since age 8
WWPDC Member
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