Adult/Teen Open Jazz/Hip Hop
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Adult/Teen Open Jazz/Hip Hop

This class is geared toward older dancers who are interested in learning or reinforcing basic jazz and hip hop technique.  Emphasis will be placed on developing strong lines, body alignment, and control in turns and traveling exercises. Additional focus will be placed on rhythm, musicality, expression, and trends in choreography that are important in the study of hip hop.  Adult/teen classes may choose to perform in the annual recital. Registration is offered as a standard (year) offering or on a drop-in basis.

Standard 60 mins



Ages 13 - Adult


Any sort of leotard/t shirt and jazz pants/athletic pants.


Hair must be tied back off of the face.


Black leather split sole slip on jazz boot.

Schedule of Adult/Teen Open Jazz/Hip Hop Classes

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"I really love recital because it's a big show where everyone at TDC comes together to perform all of our dances. It's also just a really fun opportunity to perform your dance in front of an audience and to also see other people's dances. It really shows all of the hard work that goes into every single dance."
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