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Ballet is a classical form of dance that provides the foundational skills for all other styles.  Emphasis is placed on body alignment, arm position, turnout, flexibility, fluidity, precision, and strength.  Ballet is offered in four levels; class placement is determined by skill level and students often repeat levels until they have achieved mastery.  Combined levels (ex. Ballet 1/2) indicate that students approved for Ballet at either level (Ballet 1 or Ballet 2) are able to register for this class.

Ballet 1

Dancers will learn the five positions, beginner barre work, basic turns, jumps, and traveling exercises. Emphasis is placed on body alignment, proper arm placement, and introductory terminology. (No prerequisite. Ages 6 and older may register. Typical age range is 6-8 years.)

Ballet 2

Dancers will use the five positions at the barre to execute more intricate combinations. In the center, they will strive to master more complex turns, petite/ grande allegro, and traveling exercises. Emphasis is placed on fluidity of movement, proper arm and head placement, musicality, and more advanced terminology. (Class placement determined by skill level. Typical age range is 8-11 years.)

Ballet 3

Dancers will learn intermediate barre work with an emphasis on alignment and strengthening of the core muscles. There is an increased demand on clean foot work along with head and arm coordination. Center floor consists of adagio, multiple turn combinations, petite/grande allegro, and challenging traveling combinations. (Class placement determined by skill level. Typical age range is 11-14 years.)

Ballet 4

Dancers will learn advanced barre work. Core strength, extension, flexibility and head/arm coordination are emphasized. Center floor work consists of intricate combinations to continue to advance the student’s technique. Dancers strive to execute the combinations at a performance level. (Class placement determined by skill level. Typical age range is 14-18 years.)

Standard 60 mins

Dancer has mastered the preceding TDC ballet level or has permission from the instructor. There is no prerequisite for Ballet 1. Students must be age 6 or older.


Multiple Levels - See Class Description


Girls: Black leotard with pink footed or convertible dance tights. No skirts or tutus allowed. Boys: White T-Shirt and black dance/athletic pants.


Hair must be in a bun.


Girls: Pink leather ballet slippers. Boys: Black leather ballet slippers.

Schedule of 2023-24 Ballet Classes

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