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Lyrical dance combines elements of ballet and jazz to create a soft style that emphasizes the storytelling quality of music.  An emphasis is placed on grace and fluidity, musicality, and expressiveness to capture emotion through movement.  Lyrical is offered in four levels; class placement is determined by skill level and students often repeat levels until they have achieved mastery.  Combined levels (ex. Lyrical 1/2) indicate that students approved for lyrical at either level (Lyrical 1 or Lyrical 2) are able to register for this class.

Lyrical 1

This level teaches a combination of skills and terminology used in beginner ballet and jazz classes. Grace and fluidity of movement are prioritized, in addition to proper body alignment, center of balance, and beginning turns, jumps, and floor work. (No prerequisite. Ages 6 and older may register. Typical age range is 6-8 years.)

Lyrical 2

In this level, dancers work to connect their steps together in fluid combinations and traveling exercises.  Attention is placed on increased control and balance necessary to learn intermediate turns, jumps, and extensions. (Class placement determined by skill level. Typical age range is 8-10 years. Ballet and/or jazz experience is preferred.)

Lyrical 3

At this level, emphasis is placed on storytelling through precise and fluid movement that utilizes accents in music and lyrics.  A focus will be placed on increasing flexibility and strength in order to begin utilizing advanced turn combinations, jumps, and floor work. (Class placement determined by skill level. Typical age range is 10-12 years.  Ballet and/or jazz experience is preferred.)

Lyrical 4

Advanced ballet and jazz skills are utilized in order to perform very difficult technical steps and combinations that demand increased strength and flexibility. Students are asked explore the emotional aspects of the music and choreography to achieve a desired performance quality. (Class placement determined by skill level. Typical age range is 13-18 years.  Ballet and/or jazz experience is preferred.)

Standard 60 mins

Dancer has mastered the preceding TDC lyrical level or has permission from the instructor. See each level for additional prerequisites. Students must be age 6 or older. 


Multiple Levels - See Class Description


Any Dance Corner or WWPDC dancewear top, black t-shirt, black long sleeve top, black camisole, or black leotard is acceptable. Any sort of Dance Corner dancewear bottom, black shorts, or black jazz pants/leggings is acceptable.


Hair must be tied back off of the face.


Turners to match skin tone.

Schedule of 2023-24 Lyrical Classes

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