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This class is preparation for students seeking to study Pointe.  Emphasis will be placed on strengthening the core, developing center of balance, and reinforcing correct foot and ankle positioning to a safe and successful transition to pointe work.  There is only one level of Pre-Pointe.  Pre-Pointe must be taken in conjunction with a standard ballet class, traditionally Ballet 3.  Students may not advance to Pointe without instructor approval.  Pre-Pointe classes do not perform in the annual recital.

Pre Pointe/Pointe 30 mins

Permission from the instructor. Students have typically completed/are enrolled in Ballet 3. (Typical age range 11-13).


Permission of the Instructor


Black leotard with pink footed or convertible dance tights. No skirts allowed.


Hair must be in a bun


Pink leather or canvas, split-sole, ballet slippers.

Schedule of Pre-Pointe Classes

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