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Elite Team Life

Elite Team members will take classes specific to their team(s) weekly per the studio schedule. For example, a dancer who has been selected for Junior Jazz, Junior Lyrical, and Production will attend one class each per team. All team members are also required to take an additional ballet technique class. Dancers are always encouraged to take additional technique classes to continue to build their skills. Team classes begin choreography early so that routines can be finalized and polished prior to the first competition. Dancers will work closely together in team classes, developing a special bond as they learn to rely upon one another. They will learn to take constructive feedback from their teacher(s) and peers and build their confidence and perseverance through positive risk taking.

Elite Team Members also build their relationships through participation in team bonding events. Past events have included bowling, rock climbing, and field days. These events allow dancers to spend time with one another outside of the studio walls in order to foster personal connections and friendships. Dancers will also have the opportunity to attend intensive dance workshops and perform at local community venues and events. The most eagerly anticipated team event is the annual in-studio sleepover. This event is the kick-off for competition season and an opportunity for all of the Elite Team Members- from the youngest Mini Team member to the graduating seniors- to build memories, appreciate each other’s talents, and support one another’s growth.

The final, and arguably most exciting, aspect of Elite Team life is competition. Competitive dance provides a unique opportunity for dancers to showcase their skill, artistry, and performance in front of a live audience while receiving feedback from professional judges. The excitement in the studio is contagious as the competition season begins. Team members eagerly await days spent with their teammates, showing what they have worked so hard in the studio to attain, and creating lasting memories through a shared love of performance. Competition weekends are often long and hectic, but every team dancer will testify that they are the highlight of their dance year.

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"I love dancing at TDC because it feels like a second home. The teachers and dancers are so welcoming and it really feels like one big family. Although we have a lot of fun, we still are working hard to become better dancers. I also have met some of my best friends!"
TDC Dancer since age 6
Elite Team Dancer since age 13
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