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Is the Elite Competition Team Right for You?

It is important to understand that joining the Elite Team is a serious commitment, not only for the dancer, but for the family. Schedules are not flexible and can be demanding. There are increased financial costs associated with competing. Parents will be asked to take on responsibilities on behalf of their dancers. We stress a commitment to the team on the part of all of our dancers and their families. Our dancers will have elected to make sacrifices for their teammates. They must be committed to perform as a team, train to reach their individual potential, and respect all of their peers, team families, teachers, judges, and even the dancers that they will meet from other teams at competitions.

That said, dancers who audition for this program and who are accepted can expect experiences that will prepare them well for the rest of their lives, whether that happens to be in the performing arts or not. Team members learn how to dedicate themselves to improving their skills. They learn to work together as teammates. They discover the thrill of performing in public before judges, adjusting to both success and disappointment as it comes. They learn to accept feedback, be it positive or negative, and apply it to the future. They discover confidence, determination, and courage in consistently taking risks and trusting in their peers and teachers. The benefits gained from competitive dance go far beyond the stage.

Does your dancer love to perform? Do they challenge themselves in class? Are they respectful of others? Dedicated to hard work? Invested in connecting with their teachers and peers at TDC? Are you willing, as a family, to make the commitments required to be part of the Elite Team family? If your answer is yes, we welcome you to audition for The Elite Team.

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"Being there a lot, knowing all the people, and having friends that get me."
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