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Studio Policies

Waiver of Liability and Photo/Video Release

We require a waiver of liability for each student registered for any of our classes and programs. We prefer to have a photography and video release from every dancer. This is required for any student before performing in recitals or other public performances. If you have already completed a waiver/release form for a class or program, you do not need to complete another.


Register on-line to enroll in our traditional and summer classes, as well as for Elite Team classes/auditions and WWPDC productions/auditions. Traditional classes run from early September through mid-June. Please note that the vendor providing our online registration has a medical and allergy section. Please do not fill in these items. We will not be keeping or using them.

Policies for Classes

The below policies and procedures are in place to ensure that your child remains safe, engaged, and focused on class, as well as to give our teachers the ability to observe proper teaching techniques.

Preschool Classes: Pre-school parents must be in the waiting area of the studio at the scheduled end of class. We do not allow pre-school students to leave the studio until a parent arrives.

Student Pick Up and Drop Off: Standing in automobiles curb-side is prohibited by West Windsor township law. We expect parents to comply with the law and park in designated parking spots only for pick up and drop off.

Student Policies: No gum is permitted anywhere in the studio. Food and drinks must be consumed in the waiting area only. Water is permitted in the dance spaces. Each class has required attire and shoes appropriate for the demands of the dance style. The required attire for each class can be found with the class description. Street clothes, skirts, and tutus are prohibited in all classes. Jewelry is not permitted with the exception of small stud earrings.

Social Media Policy: TDC dancers and dance families are expected to respect each other's privacy. Some dancers, teachers, and parents may not want their pictures posted online. The Dance Corner expects its dancers, teachers, and parents to obtain permission before posting pictures and videos to any online sources, including social media sites.

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, an announcement will appear on our homepage. Updates will also be provided through email and social media.

Attendance - Make Up Policy: Make up classes are permitted (and encouraged) in the event of a planned studio closure, snow day, or student absence. Make ups can be scheduled in advance of a planned absence or studio closure. Our school operates on a 39 week schedule. If you child misses a class because it the studio is closed for a scheduled closure, the class can be made up at any time in the 39 week period. This does not include winter break, which is not counted as part of the 39 week session. We ask our that students who have classes scheduled during our dress rehearsal and dance recital dates to make up those classes in advance. There is no need to inform the studio in advance that your child is going to attend a make-up class. A make-up form should be completed for each class being made up. Please ask the teacher at the beginning of class for a form. Make ups cannot be used to join a class or to be part of a particular recital dance. Make ups must be done during the academic year and do not carry over to the next session. Make up classes should be scheduled for a similar level class. If you need assistance identifying appropriate make up options, please speak with your child’s instructor or with office staff.

In the event that your child has an injury or an extensive illness, The Dance Corner will issue a credit for classes missed as long as a doctor's note is provided. This credit will be put on a family's account and can be used for future tuition charges only. This credit is good for one year from the day it is issued. Note: Credits will not be issued for team classes in the event of injury as team members are required to observe team classes.

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