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TDC Difference

If you were to ask our dancers to name something they have gained from dancing at The Dance Corner, you would hear stories of increased confidence, pride in self-improvement, and the joy of lasting friendships. At The Dance Corner, we strive for our students to grow in each of these areas equally. Whether it is the confidence gained by performing publicly, the pride a student feels after finally mastering a difficulty combination, or the lasting memories made with peers who share a love of dance, our students grow in ways that extend far beyond the recital stage.

If you are looking for a studio that emphasizes personal growth, relationships, and inclusion while using the most current dance education methods, The Dance Corner is the place for you. If you are looking for performance opportunities beyond the traditional year-end recital, The Dance Corner is the place for you. If you are looking for opportunities to grow in technique and confidence through competition experiences, The Dance Corner is the place for you. Most importantly, if you are looking for a studio that values the whole child and whole-heartedly welcomes each dancer into their family, The Dance Corner is the place for you! Contact us to see the studio in action, meet the teachers, and observe first-hand what makes the Dance Corner home to so many families. We are happy to arrange for a trial class if you would like to experience #TheDanceCornerLife before making a decision.

More than Ballet

At TDC we are more than ballet. We strive to foster personal, technical, and artistic growth for our students at all ages, at all levels, and in all styles. We are committed to providing quality technique instruction in a developmentally appropriate way that reflects the standards and trends of the dance industry. Whether a student has a goal of pursuing a career in dance or is simply exploring new avenues of self-expression and interest, our classes challenge and engage our dancers, both physically and artistically.

More than Dance

At The Dance Corner, we are more than dance. We view dance as an invaluable opportunity for growth in social skills, confidence, self-image, and persistence. Our dancers value the lessons learned in reliance on classmates and teammates, acceptance of feedback from teachers, and the confidence gained from taking positive risks through performance.

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"I love that we can dance as a character and that each production has a story."
TDC Dancer since age 4
Elite Team Dancer since age 7
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