Karlin, Rosie

Rosie Karlin

TDC Teacher since 2003
Karlin, Rosie

Miss Rosie has been a constant fixture in the TDC family, as an instructor and backstage coordinator for recital and WWPDC productions. Miss Rosie has studied dance in both California and New Jersey for over 30 years. She has had training in ballet, jazz, and tap. Miss Rosie has a BA in Liberal Arts from Loyola Marymount University. She taught for many years as an elementary school teacher and is currently employed as a preschool teacher in Princeton, where she also teaches Music and Spanish. Fun Fact: Miss Rosie has a collection of over 100 hats and over 200 beanie babies that she uses as props in her preschool classes! Miss Rosie enjoys performing in Community Theater and has participated in several productions at Kelsey Theater on the campus of MCCC. Maybe you have seen her in A Christmas Carol at McCarter Theater! Miss Rosie and her husband Scott have one beautiful daughter, Molly, who is also a singer, dancer, and teacher. Miss Rosie and her husband enjoy working together on stage in Community Theater and behind the scenes for the WWPDC shows and TDC recitals. Miss Rosie appreciates the bond she has with her TDC instructor family: “I love the team of teachers, the camaraderie we share, the way we all work together for the benefit of our studio!”

Miss Rosie in Action!

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"I dance for spending hours on end sitting in the wings backstage at 11 PM on a Sunday night with my best friends cheering on my teammates during senior solos. Those memories are some of the best I've experienced in my life and there are no words to truly describe how much joy they bring me."
TDC Dancer since age 5
Elite Team Dancer since age 5
WWPDC Member
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